Dear Resident,

Thanks to everyone yesterday (including all of the children) for getting up early and joining in the “Big Clean Up”. We were delighted with the turnout (approximately 30 people) and the estate looks really great!

There can be no doubt that it is a big improvement and it was great to see the co-operation and the send of community spirit! Thanks to James White for the donation of the Hi-Vis adult and childrens vests from Tramore Garda Station – we have a decent stock of them now and if anyone would like one for walking etc. please get in touch via the contact page.

A special thanks has to go to Bob Cowman of Oxigen who donated a whopping 10 bins for the day. We needed them all and we managed to fill two very large industrial size wheelie bins and 8 brown bins so we really did clear a lot of debris and weeds!

Hopefully too people will be a bit happier with the entrance to the estate…(well done to Committee Member Kevin Murphy and the rest of the gang for getting stuck in early). We have plenty more to do in the future and and we will get in touch now with the County Council about line painting at the entrance etc.

Finally once again thank you all for your contributions and for making such a big effort. It is appreciated!

Newtown Glen Residents Association