Dear Resident,

Happy Friday/last weekend in June to ONE and ALL !!! 

Firstly Thank You !!  for your contribution of €50 towards the upkeep of the estate from June 2015 until June 2016.

As promised in the most recent flyer, there is an Estate “Clean-Up Morning” taking place this Saturday 27th June from 10am to 1.30pm.

Please take note of the following details regarding same…

  • Our new landscaper, Liam Murphy completed his first grass-cut last weekend.  However, as the Estate has fallen into such shabby appearance over the last number of months, it will take a considerable number of weeks before the place is even close to the standard we would all like to see.  The objective was simply to get the 1st cut done and over the next while you will see gradual improvements in the upkeep of the grass, edging etc.  Liam will also spray the kerbs post the clean up to eliminate weeds.
  • The Residents Association also got in touch with the County Council and on Thursday 25th a County Council Road sweeping truck came into the estate to do a clean-up.  It wasn’t perfect by all means but it was something at least and we hope to tap into the Council a little bit more going forward.  If nothing else, it should make our job a little bit easier this Saturday.
  • A Residents “All-hands-on-deck Clean-up Morning” will likely be required at least once a year.  Our first such “Clean-up” effort this Saturday morning is particularly important because we need to get common areas up to a manageable standard i.e. it is our responsibility to get the place to a standard which the landscaper can then maintain going forward.
  • There will be no planting of shrubs of any kind (probably for a long time to come) because (a) we have insufficient funds and (b) there are too many weeds etc. which need to be removed.
  • Saturday’s effort will focus on (a) removing weeds from between kerbside and road, (b) removing weeds from between paths and adjacent walls, (c) removing weeds from common area “flower-beds” (d) sweeping roads and (e) any other general tidying-up that time/manpower will allow.
  • Main concentration of effort will be from the entrance to the Estate all the way through to the two central “flower-beds” at the central T-junction.
  • Outside of the main artery we will likely split into smaller groups and tackle our own street rows.
  • Please BRING all and any of the following tools/equipment: gloves, spades, shovels, hoes, sweeping brushes (preferably hard bristle), wheel-barrows (might be no harm to label your equipment with your own name/initials).
  • Please DO NOT BRING: any type of hedge clippers or strimmer/electrical/petrol powered equipment.  We have standard public liability insurance in place but naturally we need to minimise the possibility of any accidents.
  • Please ensure that tools are not left lying around and please be observant and keep an eye on children during the clean-up.
  • All going to plan we should be wrapped up between 12 p.m. & 1 p.m.
  • With regard to the flowerbeds within the estate some residents have mentioned that they be improved and some have mentioned that we simply convert them to grass.  A decision hasn’t been made on that yet so in order to keep things nice and simple we will just weed them for the moment and look at alternatives going forward.
  • With regard to the entrance itself having looked at it there can be no doubt that any improvement to this will be a large piece of work so again for the moment we will leave same as is with perhaps a trim to the top of the brambles on the left hand side as one enters the estate to improve visibility to residents entering and leaving the estate especially those residents who exit at the front row.
  • Please remind/mention this e-mail to your neighbour (a) because we do not have an e-mail address for a number of households and (b) in case they have not had a chance to check their e-mail.

Many Thanks to everyone…Hope to see as many of you as possible out and chipping-in to make our Estate looking a little better.

Parting thought…“Rome wasn’t built in a Day” BUT “Many hands make light work”… See You all on the middle green (near the T-junction) at 10am Saturday

Newtown Glen Residents Association